02 : About me

Quick Introduction

Hi, my name is Jim Boomkens and I am a 20 year old digital designer and music producer from The Netherlands. I am currently a final year student at the study Communication & Multimedia Design at the HvA in Amsterdam.

Digital designing

When it comes to digital designing, I like to see myself as a Jack of all trades that is willing to help at every part of creating a digital product. My main focus is UI/UX design and Audio design but I am always eager to help at other aspects of creating a product. Improving the user experience of a digital product is always my main priority!


Music has always been my passion and I have been making music for a few years now. I started as an EDM DJ and that quickly switched over to becoming a Music Producer and creating full songs. Eventually I found out about PHONK and it has been my passion ever since. Currently I work with a small label from France called San Louis Records, you can find my music on Soundcloud,Spotify and pretty much all other music platforms.