005 : Biblion book finder

"Simplicity is key for this project."

Jim Boomkens


I had to create an Interface of NBD Biblion that helps children find a book faster and easier. The end goal for NBD Biblion would when more children start reading. The interface would be used in different libraries on tablet stands.

Creating the UI

I wanted to create an interface that looked attractive to children but wasn't distracting when the children were using the interface. I didn't want to make an interface that children would see as something fun to use instead of reading a book because that would destroy the purpose of the interface and then the end goal of NBD Biblion would not be archieved.


I created the entire prototype in Adobe XD. The prototype is in Dutch because the interface is focussed on Dutch children.The complete design proces can be found here. (Note: document is in Dutch.)

The complete prototype can be found here. (Note: prototype is in Dutch.)