003 : HvanA

"One of the 1st school projects I really put my heart into."

Jim Boomkens


HvanA is a websites that post articles about students at the HvA and the HvA itself. For this project I had to create a design for 3 different Max Molovich stories. After creating the 3 designs I had make a corporate analysis about the HvanA website. After the corporate analysis I had to make a responsive re-design of the HvanA website with the 3 created story designs inside of the website.

Corporate Analysis

The HvanA corporate analysis wasn't delivered during the briefing. I was supposed to create my own corporate analysis by doing research on the HvanA website. With browser extensions like Font Ninja and ColorPick I could easily find out about the fonts, font sizes and colors used in the HvanA website. I also made a break-point graph to find out when the lay-out of the HvanA website should change. This helped me a lot while I was working on the responsiveness of my re-design.

The complete corporate analysis can be found here. (Note: Document is in Dutch.)

Responsive re-design

After the corporate analysis I started making the re-designs. Creating the re-designs wasn't that hard because I had a good corporate analysis. What took a long time was getting the details right. This was a process of asking the teacher for feedback and creating many different variants of a re-designed HvanA website. I think I got really close to creating a good new re-design for the HvanA website. The teacher was really happy with my work and graded my work a 9/10.