004 : Jimmy La Fleur

I love making music but when I started releasing music I needed to have cover arts for my music. Being a broke student, I wasn't going to pay for a cover art. So I started making my own cover art for my music. I started really enjoying making my own artwork because I can totally be in control of what I want it too look like because it's my music. You can find my music Here.

"A combination between my passion for music and my love for designing."

Jim Boomkens


JIMMY LA FLEUR - Sunday Swerve

JIMMY LA FLEUR - Elevetor Sesh

JIMMY LA FLEUR - Bad $hots

JIMMY LA FLEUR - 2020 DEATH CD Album Front

JIMMY LA FLEUR - 2020 DEATH CD Album open

JIMMY LA FLEUR - 2020 DEATH Vinyl Album