002 : Mars: The Immersive VR Experience

My final assignment of my Minor was to work with a client to create an immersive experience. My team and I decided to make an educational VR experience about Mars, where the goal was to educate users about Mars with some cool sight-seeing while taking a walk on Mars . My task was to create the VR world while my teammates were working on the real world experience. I hardly had any experience with Unity but creating this experience was a lot of fun. This entire experience was put togheter in 4 weeks.

"Being a big fan of VR gaming, I decided to challenge myself to learn Unity and create a VR experience for my minor."

Jim Boomkens

Created logo for our team and experience.

The beautiful blue sunrise on Mars.

Meet different astronauts around Mars.

Working Day and Night cycle.

Mars: The Immersive VR Experience

Project Mapping video for real life experience.

instructional video created by my teammate Jordy to instruct users about our expierence.