006: Uses

"I love learning new applications and software. Here are the applications and software that I use most."

Jim Boomkens

Adobe CC Package ↗

In my opinion a must in every designers software arsenal.

Figma ↗

Great design and Prototype tool. I still can't decide if I like Figma more than XD

Final Cut Pro X ↗

In my opinion the best video editor for Mac. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Ableton Live Suite ↗

My music production software of choice since 2014.

Plugins of choice.

Visual Studio Code ↗

I don't code very often but when I do, I use Visual Studio Code.

Unity ↗

Started using Unity for VR Development, really good software.

Notion ↗

My favourite project management and documenting tool.

Microsoft 365 ↗

Lets be honest, we all grew up using these and some of these apps are really good.

FX Photo studio ↗

Really good photo editing software, simple but fast.