006 : The Pre-rolled conspiracy

"Smoking weed for a school project was fun."

Jim Boomkens


For this project My team and I were supposed to do field research and collect data about a product that could be bought in Amsterdam. After the field research and Data collecting, we were supposed to put the data into graphs and create a digital onepager about our research and conclusion. My team and I decided to use the subject Weed because its a common product that is bought in Amsterdam by a lot of people. This entire project had to be created and finished in one week.

What did we want to research?

We wanted to find out what the best pre-rolled joint was in Amsterdam. Ofcourse there are a lot of coffeeshops and even more pre-rolled joints in Amsterdam. So to start we first decided to find out what the 5 most populair coffeeshops in Amsterdam were. After we found the 5 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam, we had to pick a 1 pre-rolled joint per coffeeshop. We decided that all the pre-rolled joints should be weed and tabacco only and the price of 1 pre-rolled joint needed to be around €3-5.

Desk Research Research

After doing a lot of research about Weed in The Netherlands, we came to a few conclusions that would be of good use during this project.

1 in 5 people who live in Amsterdam that are over the age of 15 have smoked weed this year.

The most populair way people consume cannabis in The Netherlands is by smoking a joint (Weed and Tabacco mixed in a paper).

How often people who proclaim that they are weed smokers, smoke weed in a week.

Because Amsterdam has a lot of coffeeshops and we only had a week to do research and create a onepager, we decided to focus on coffeeshops around and close to Central Amsterdam. The 5 best rated shops in Amsterdam at the time of our research were:

  • Boerenjongens
  • Central
  • Kadinsky
  • Tweede Kamer
  • Voyagers

Field Research

We went to Amsterdam to visit the 5 coffeeshops. We opened all the joints to check the tabacco/weed ratio and after that we smoked the joints to test how we were feeling after smoking the joints.

We opened up the pre-rolled joints to see how much weed was in joints compared to the amount of tabacco. This was done by looking at the tabacco/weed mix when we opened up one of the joints. Ofcourse if we would have had more time for this project we would have done this in a better way to get tabacco/weed ratio more specific. It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes your just unlucky and you might get a joint that has a lot less weed in than you were expecting. Thats because pre-rolled joints most of the time get rolled by a machine and not by hand so the ratio can always be off.

What did we find out?

After buying the pre-rolled joints, comparring the pre-rolled joints and smoking the pre-rolled joints, we could conclude that quality and pricewise the Amnesia Joint by from Voyagers Coffeeshop was the best. This was due to the size of the joint, the price we payed for it, how it tasted, how we felt and most importantly the tabacco/weed ratio.

Bar chart to compare all the pre-rolled joints that we bought.

The final product

The last few days of this project we focussed on making the onepager. In our Team we had one developer and two designers. I was part of the design team and I focussed on picking the colors that we would be using, putting our collected data into the specific graphs and creating the designs for the website. The onepager can be found here. (Note: Website is in Dutch.)